5 Ways to Avoid New Year Anxiety

We're all used to it. The clock strikes twelve, everyone burst with joy, and we toast to the new year. Some of us are even lucky enough to obtain a new year kiss. After the celebration winds down, everyone go back to their respected places and homes, and now it's just you and this new year. If you enjoy social media like I do, you have scrolled down your timelines and saw the infamous "do's and dont's of 2020". Everybody has something to say about how you should start the new year and how to make it the best year of your life. Some of the advice is great and should definitely be applied to your life to make it better but how do you decide what's for you and what isn't? Having the best year of your life sounds great, but let's be honest, how many times have you heard that? How many times have you been disappointed at the end of the year because it was not all that you expected?

Now here you are again, a new year, new goals and new anxieties about the new year and new goals. An overwhelming cycle. You feel like everything must go right, you must get it right this year, you must accomplish this goal and the list goes on. I highly recommend setting goals and having a vision to run with, but I fear that many people are striving to prove to others that this is indeed their year to become all they can be. We want the world to see that it's our winning season. We get so caught up on proving ourselves to people who probably don;t even care and set ourselves up for anxiety to walk into our front doors and hang out with us, again, for another year. We set aside time to create our vision boards and write down our goals, but only one of two thing will happen next. You will either become motivated to get to work, or you will be overwhelmed by what has been written. I know this feeling oh so well and wanted to open up the discussion on how we can prepare for the new year without feeling the anxiety and ungodly pressure that can easily come with it.Here are 5 ways that I have intentionally done and continue to do to avoid becoming overwhelmed with new year anxiety:

1. Realize that you cannot do everything in one year.

Fam, sometimes we get overwhelmed because our goals just aren't realistic. It's great to have faith but it is not wise to set a goal that is impossible to achieve in the time frame of a year. Make sure that your goals are realistic and obtainable. It's impossible to finish a year year college degree in one year, so why tell yourself it's possible when it really isn't. don't set yourself up to fail.

2. Don't compare your year to someone else's year.

This is very crucial because we live in a society where we can virtually see the lives of others, even if they are living a lie! But what we see can make us feel like we need to do more or work harder to reach a tempting facade. Comparison is one the easiest ways to forfeit your goals. My pastor always tells us, "Eat what's on your plate first." In order to be successful at achieving your goals, you must be willing to have tunnel vision, seeing your goals and your goals only!

3. Remember, it's a journey, not a race.

Try to avoid getting stuck in competition mode that you miss out on the journey. Winning a race is nice, but life isn't a race. Enjoy the processes. Learn the lessons. Enjoy watching yourself transform in front of your own eyes. Everyone's journey won't look the same, you should be happy about that.

4. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.

Making a mistake is one thing, but beating yourself up about it is something totally different. You have been graced to mess up. Once God revealed this to me, the way I see mistakes and failures shifted from "What did I do wrong?" to "What can I learn from this?". You may have a budget and have a few hiccups along the way to meeting your goal and again, it is okay. Mistakes are simply another opportunity to learn something new. Enjoy them!

5. God has the final say.

It is great to make plans, decorate vision boards, and set goals to achieve. You want to have a vision to strive towards. Just make sure you are leaving room for God to be God and do what He knows is best for you. You might envision every step and necessity to reach your goal but God may want to go a different route and you must be resolved with knowing He knows best. There will be thing that will happen outside of your control, it sucks I know, but guess what?! It's still okay!

So, enjoy your new year. Live life to the fullest and make 2020 one to remember. Do what works for you and go after what God has promised you. Know your lane and work that thing!! Happy New Year!!

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