The Success of Frustration

It was a cold November morning as I sat at my work desk, daydreaming about future businesses and ministries. This kind of became a normal thing for me now. I would sit at my desk and just think about my future. This lasted until my new supervisor walked in and asked to speak with me Now, of course, usually when your manager or supervisor asks to speak with you, it is not a good thing; I know from experience! I quickly talked myself out of it being negative and said to myself, "it can be something good!" Or so I thought. Well, this particular time it was not. I did not come out of her office with a promotion, raise or even a "great job!" I had just been thrown under the bus, as we say, by a co-worker who told the manager that I was on my cell phone during work hours. To say the least, I was highly upset! I was so angry that if I could have afforded to just walk out and not look behind me, that would have surely been the moment to do so. I replayed in my head Tichina Arnold's character in "Everybody Hates Chris" saying, " I don't need this job! My husband has TWO jobs!" *Walks out office with purse in hand, scene ends*. BUT, I wasn't married so that was not the best way to end my much needed job. So I just sat at my desk, furious. I began to question God and ask Him why was I even at this job. I became so frustrated, I started looking for another job, while at work. I began reacting impulsively and I quickly remembered where that has gotten me many times before, in more trouble. So I took a breath and told myself to calm down. I mean, I was on the phone. I was in the wrong regardless of if I was caught or not. In the midst of "woosahing", I heard God say, "Are you frustrated enough yet?"

It caught me completely off guard because I didn't expect to hear that, especially from God. So, I did what most people acting out in their flesh do, I blamed the devil. "Oh, I see. The enemy is just mad because I'm in this winning season. He's just trying to distract me." But all along it was God. He went on to tell me, "If you're frustrated enough, start doing what I told you to do." I don't know about how God speaks to you, but He's very direct with me, telling me how it is, nice and straightforward. It has always been my kind of communication. When He spoke this to me, I immediately knew what He was talking about.

God had been downloading tons of information in me over the past several months and I knew it was time to venture off to start my own business. The thought alone was overwhelming because I knew a lot goes into businesses and even more is required to keep the business running and growing. But in this moment, God was giving me the green light to GO! He was saying the time was now. The frustrations were going to continue, which they did, until I was willing to step out and pursue my dreams and passions. Calmly and collectively, I decided to move forward. Sometimes, God will send frustration because we are out of position for what He wants to bless us with. Sometimes frustration will come when we have outgrown a certain place in our lives. When we decide to not walk in our purpose, we decide to live a frustrated life. God will continue to make us uncomfortable in order to guide us to where we are meant to be whether it be a job, relationship, region or career. Frustration causes us to step back and look at the big picture. It makes us re-evaluate our situations and ask God like I did, "Why am I here?"

Frustrations can come from many sources but it will always make you ask questions and seek God for answers. After months of praying, being frustrated, starting my own non profit organization and trusting God, I was literally handed an opportunity to come on board with a new pilot program doing exactly what I love to do, help people. I did not apply for the job, nor did I seek it. I was offered double the income, a flexible schedule where I was able to work from home 70% of the time, all while growing my own business. No frustration. No stress. Just bliss. I was able to be home with my new born son until I was ready to send him to daycare and spend the holidays with my kids home, not worrying about having to work the day before or the day after or find a baby sitter. All of this happened within an 8 month time frame.

So, let me encourage you. There is a reason for your frustrations. Get to the root of it and work it out! Trust that God knows the desires of your heart and He knows why He made you. My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 1:9, "Before I formed you, I knew you;...". Those simple yet so powerful words reminds me that God's plan for my life is always good and better than anything I can ever imagine. He has great things in store for you, even in your moments of frustration. Now, when you find yourself in a frustrating place, lean in closer to God and listen to his instructions. He'll never lead you astray.

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