The Bride

See, I've always wanted to be married, live life full of love and bliss;

Waking up each morning to a "Good morning" kiss.

Many women like me pray and ask God to reveal the man He's giving us;

While searching for a face or a name, God replied, "Your husband's Jesus."

He explained, "You keep looking for something I've already given to you;

The day you received Him in your heart was the day you said "I do".

You're married to My Son, the church is called the bride for a reason;

But sadly people forget their role and only claim Him like it's tax season.

They don't want the relationship, they just want the perks of being His wife.

Many people are still living in sin, committing adultery, self-inflicting victims of life.

So when I keep hearing prayers about wanting and needing a special someone;

Look, I sent My Son because I love you. Who's willing to do that? NO ONE!

Yes it true, He who finds a wife, surely finds a good thing;

I've given you the world, I'm sorry you feel you need a ring.

Now i understand you need a partner in the earth, and I promised you, I'll give them.

But don't forget about your true love, Jesus, you're still married to Him.

Take care of my business first, that's all I ever ask;

The world portrays this to be hard, but it's really a simple task.

Before I give you to anyone, take care of My Son with pride;

Only then will I give you, My church, to be someone else's bride.

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