Cry of A Millennial

This isn't much of a blog, but a poem God placed on my heart to explain how some times millennials feel. We all are aware that new, young leaders are emerging and coming forth, but everyone does not know how to "handle" them. We are often misunderstood because of our boldness and straight forward honesty, but deep down we want to love and be loved like every one else.

Allow me to apologize in advance, I’m known for being blunt;

It’s just the way I grew up, be real with everyone; no need to front.

I’ve been through hell and back, near death, usually due to my thoughts;

It was a tug of war with God, and of course, you know I fought.

I fell in a ditch, and no one came around;

I got comfortable with living in dirt that felt like I belonged in the ground.

Until the one person I fought reached His hand out and saved me;

The journey was long and hard but now I’m holy and living freely.

Usually, I’m misunderstood by the church because I’m rough around the edges;

People look at the surface and don’t see the mantle and protective hedges.

See just like you, I’m just trying to live right;

I’m not trying to go to church looking for a fight.

It feels like I’m not taken serious, like people don’t respect what they see;

I was fine in my cave, trust and believe God chose me.

I’m done with traditions, nonsense doctrines and slavery mindsets;

People want to tell me how to act, what to say, but Jesus, they forget.

Just give me Jesus, y’all can keep the pulpits and titles;

‘Cause if Christ is in my His glory and power follows.

They say millennials are rude, we need to learn honor and order;

I’m trying my best to submit, but I feel like I’m being stored and you’re the hoarder.

No disrespect, but I’m here because God told me to be here;

Don’t push me back out the church into a bar then pretend that you care.

Church folk make it difficult, honestly, they make you want to cuss;

But I’m not going to do that, it’ll give y’all another reason to fuss.

Instead of criticizing, try showing me the way;

I’m dealing with insecurities while you trying to condemn who’s gay.

My time to lead is coming and I would love for us to link up;

I’d hate for you to be the leader God pulls down when I go up.

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